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Felicity is well educated and presented local lady, who knows and understands the importance of high quality work and consistency. Being a Freelance Makeup Artist for just over 18 months, Felicity has grown her makeup artistry business into a very well know establishment it is today. When Felicity began makeup, she could see a gap in the makeup education fields. Felicity decided too open DAACK™ Makeup Academy and offer clients and students interactive and educational courses in the makeup artistry field.


Words from Felicity (Founder and instructor at DAACK™ Makeup Academy)


Hello and welcome to DAACK™ Makeup Academy. As a Certified Makeup Artist myself I understand the gap in the education field of makeup artisty. Hence the reason DAACK™ Makeup Academy was born. I have worked in the industry for nearly two years after coming from an Accounting and Management background. After very quickly evolving in the industry I have soon learnt and taught some very valuable lessons.

I am a very highly sought after artist and am heavily booked 18 months in advance. I come recommended by many clients, photographer, TV producers, celebrities and alike. I have had the pleasure to work interstate and recently been asked to travel Australia wide for makeup.

I have had the pleasure of completing my Master Makeup Certification with one of the world’s most prestigious schools for Makeup. I am further more studying skin and skincare at the moment.

On a personal aspect, I am a wife and mother. With two boys, a husband and a dog I understand and appreciate the value of support and time management. Having the success I am having and being a mother, you could imagine how good my time management and commitment skills are.

Here at DAACK™ Makeup Academy, we pride ourselves on up to date knowledge and constant skills and application training. For this reason we do not offer an accredited course. Instead you will receive a Certificate of Attainment. We care very deeply about our students and work closely with them to get them to where they want to be. It is imperative that you are taught up to date skills, using the same products and brands that top professional makeup artist’s use (no great makeup artist ever uses only one brand of makeup). Also because we are not accredited, we don’t need to get government approval (from a government department who has no experience of this industry at all). This allows us to alter the courses and update as new products come on the market or new techniques and trends emerge, we can add these aspects instantly to the courses so that our students are thoroughly up to date and prepared for the industry when they graduate.


-Academy FAQ-

What subjects will your courses include?:

  • What is a MUA?
  • Kits & On Location
  • Freelance & Business
  • Preparations & Corrections
  • Seasonal
  • Bridal
  • Cut Crease
  • Stage Productions
  • Glamour
  • Photo-shoots, Productions, Media

There is Facebook group for your course that you are able to join upon enrolment to view any tips and tricks. This is also forever live where you may contact your teachers and ask any questions over your career.

Each graduating student upon completion of the course will receive a professional photo shoot with up to 5 images to add to their portfolio for future use.

How long will your course run for?

Please contact DAACK™ courses@daack.com.au for current time schedules.

Location of DAACK™ Makeup Academy:

1095C Mate Street Albury North NSW 2641 – Just back from the 5 ways.

Do you need to supply your own kit or model?

Some classes models will be provided, but others you will need to find your own to come along. Regarding kits, a small kit will be put together but we encourage you to have most things. Please contact kits@daack.com.au to ask for the up to date kit inclusions.

How to Enrol

Simply email enrol@daack.com.au to gain an enrolment form. Please send name, address, phone number, email, DOB and payment arrangements.

How will your deposit work?

Due to the demand of the course and the hours of preparation into a student at DAACK™ Makeup Academy, deposits are $400 and are strictly non refundable. Some very special circumstances may apply.

Are there Payment Plans?

Yes, deposit is required to secure your position but then you are able to make equal payments each week until course completion. Students will not be graduating until all monies have been received. If you have not paid for the current week, you will not be able to attend that night until account is up to date.

Do I need a licence to work as a makeup artist?

Many cities do not require a working makeup to be licensed. However, some areas do require a makeup artist license or cosmetology license. DAACK™ Makeup Academy does not qualify its students for this type of licensing. It’s your responsibility to make yourself fully aware of the working requirements and government regulations in your area before starting professional work.

If your area has no licensing requirements, a certificate such as that offered by DAACK™ Makeup Academy is sufficient proof of professional training. Clients and creative agencies who are hiring a makeup artist will look at your portfolio of work, past experience, appearance and professionalism not just a certificate.

Class Sizes

Due to the nature of the course, class sizes will be limited to 8 students per course.

Do I receive certification from completion of courses?

A certificate will be issued to students who successfully complete a course.

Can I get VET help or government funding?

Here at DAACK™ Makeup Academy we are a private training organisation, so no government funding or VET help is available. We do have flexible payment options and payment plans. Afterpay is available also.

Do students receive discounts on makeup products?

Yes, all past and present students receive 10% discount on any products available for retail at DAACK™ Makeup Academy.

What brush sets are available for students purchase?

We recommend a DAACK™ Brush Roll; these are available to students only. This 15-piece brush sets retails for $99, but students can purchase for $75.




Workshops are also available and are constantly changing. Contact DAACK™ for the latest workshop dates and availability.


DAACK™ Products are all registered with the Australian Government Health Scheme, NICNAS.